Mental Health Insurance

Having depression, being bipolar, or needing therapy shouldn’t penalize you when you search for mental health insurance.  You may know all too well the pain of being denied health insurance simply because you have mental health issues. Why should you not receive insurance benefits to cover any unexpected illness or accidents? If you trip and break a leg, that alone could cost you thousands of dollars in hospitalization and surgery, and has nothing to do with your mental health.  Don’t take this risk.  Mental health issues are no longer a reason to prevent you from having quality medical insurance. Our agents are proud to offer HIPAA compliant creditable coverage plans with benefits you can truly count on to help you in times of sickness or injury. Imagine finally having health insurance with benefits you can use, at a price you can afford!

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First Preferred Insurance has more than 10 years of experience in helping our clients navigate through the often tumultuous process of selecting an appropriate health care plan. Our team of fully licensed agents is qualified and ready to help you find the best health insurance coverage fit for your needs at the most affordable price.

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Our top priority is to educate you on the best health insurance coverage options available, and guide you toward the best and most comprehensive choices for you and your family. Learn More

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Because we specialize in working with people who have pre-existing conditions, our agents are experts in this niche, and our plans accept 98% of applicants. When you speak with an agent, you’ll know during the first call if we have plans to meet your needs, who the carrier is, and available rates. Learn More

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